Why Colostrum?

We live in a toxic and stressful environment, and with age we produce less of the immune and growth factors that help us fight off disease and heal body tissue; which puts us out of balance. Colostrum restores balance by providing these necessary building blocks in perfect combination as nature intended.

Highly loaded with essential factors

Our body doesn’t produce these factors and we all know our foods are depleted of essential nutrients. Loaded with over 95 immune factors and the entire IGF Super Family of natural growth factors to keep you in peak performance; Colostrum can bring back those essential factors for a better functioning, youthful you!

Certified Bovine Colostrum

Bovine Colostrum is 99% identical to human colostrum but it contains from 100 to 1000x more beneficial factors.

Weight Loss

Anovite means “A New You” and we strive to make your weight loss journey as successful as possible. Look to the future with Anovite and our line of Weight Loss Products which all contain the amazing fat shrinking molecule Leptin.
  • LeptiTrim6 Nighttime

    LeptiTrim6 Nighttime

    162 grams (31 BV)
  • LeptiTrim6 Cleanse

    LeptiTrim6 Cleanse

    370 grams (17 BV)
  • LeptiTrim6 Chocolate Shake

    LeptiTrim6 Chocolate Shake

    856 gram (19 BV)
  • LeptiTrim6 Vanilla Shake

    LeptiTrim6 Vanilla Shake

    860 gram (19 BV)
  • LeptiTrim6 Daytime Capsules

    LeptiTrim6 Daytime Capsules

    180 count (34 BV)
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